Greetings from Holland, 9x12 inches, oil on aluminum panel

I always wanted to paint a pop-up subject as this greeting card. The name of the card is really Greetings from Holland…I love the simple yet elegant design on the card. I´ve never been in Netherlands but thought it would be fun to include a note that says: Greetings to mom and dad, love, Hector(my middle name).

This was my second time painting on an aluminum panel…the first time I prepared the panel myself…this one came already primed and ready to paint. I prefer to prepare the panel myself because I feel that the priming texture was a bit rough and would prefare a smoother surface. All in all it´s been an interesting subject matter for me to paint.


Great share Jose! May I ask what your usual painting surface is? And can you elaborate on how the aluminum panel was different? Thanks so much!

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Thank you, Anthony! My usual painting surface is wood panels…one of my favorite panels is Ampersand´s Gessoboard.

It´s nice to paint on aluminum panels if you prepare them yourself…I´ve done two paintings on aluminum panels…the other one I did I prepared it myself with two coats of acrylic gesso and the final coat of a 50% acrylic gesso and 50% acrylic gray color following David Kassan´s suggestion, on preparing aluminum panels…this worked better for me. On this painting I experimented with an aluminum panel that was already primed…this I got from Jerry´s Artarama´s site same as the unprimed one…the brand is AlumaComp. Since it´s a prepared surface is not as smooth as I wanted it to be.


Awesome—thanks Jose!

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