Hi, you all!

My name is Mark. I am from Belgium (Dutch part). Not a natural born English speaker, so some spelling and other errors may sneak in. But hey, I probably paint the same way you do, and use similar techniques.

I’ve worked as a commercial advertising illustrator, photographer, digital retoucher. But also as a construction worker and factory worker, during many years. No matter what I did as a job, I always have been drawing, painting or studying different painting techniques.

Now that I am almost completely retired, I have the time to fully explore all of my opportunities in painting. In fact this means, that I should choose some kind of style or direction in which to continue… but I can’t choose. So for now, I don’t choose.

I work as well in a realistic style as a more loosen style. As well oils as acrylics (before 25 years airbrush).

Nice to meet you all and hope to contribute something!


Greetings Mark!

Welcome aboard! It is great to have you here among our growing community of dedicated creatives. There is much to explore here including a significant stockpile of resources to make sure that your efforts develop as you see fit. Please never hesitate to throw out any questions that you might have as I know many here (inclusing myself) love to talk shop.

Look forward to getting to know you and your work better,


Hi there Mark​:raising_hand_woman:! Welcome aboard! That is quite a set of skills you have. You are part of a supportive, creative environment that Tony and Leah created. You will learn allot from the terrific sharing and information given! Look forward to your posts!:sun_with_face:

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Welcome Mark, I’m fairly new here as well and I’ve learned quite a few things since becoming a member and if I don’t see an answer to a question then I just ask. Anthony and this whole community are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Thanks Anthony, Nanci and Richard!

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