Hello from Cape Town

Hello Forum,

I’m Peter Höhsl from Cape Town and I joined this forum out of curiosity because not only am I a great admirer of Anthonys paintings, I also enjoy following his highly informative posts on social media.

My background and main profession lies in the film and tv industry, where for the past 23 years I have been an animator, vfx artist/supervisor, motion graphics designer, photographer, colorist, and did a few other related things within the industry.

Three years ago I decided I wanted to paint realism. So, I sat down, read a few books, looked at numerous videos on the net, and began teaching myself how to put paint to canvas. Ever since then I have spent nearly every minute of my spare with either painting or research. And I love it! :smile:

I am looking forward to gaining more technical insight, meeting likeminded people, and having fun.



Greetings Peter! Welcome aboard!

Leah and I have loved building this site and we hope that you enjoy exploring the robust landscape of resources we have gathered. There is a generous and knowledgeable community growing here and we cannot be more thankful for it.

Jump in and enjoy!

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Thank you! :smile: