Hi All, looking forward to the community building

Hi my name’s John Livesey. I live in the UK. I have drawn since childhood and painted since roughly 2005. I wanted to pursue art from a young age but was pushed a different direction so ended up in a software career. All the time though I’ve saved up and as of end of 2016 I am painting fulltime. Hopefully be able to sell some paintings along the way to cover bills :slight_smile: it is a big step but most exciting and feels right.

Anywho my interest is in realism mainly three areas of interest Trompe-l’œil, still life & portrait.

Um reason for joining community. To continue to learn from others and share information I may have. I also enjoy interacting with like minded folk :slight_smile:

I attempt to attach a pic or two I’m working on but forgive me if this doesn’t work being new to this forum


Nice work John !! it’s great to have you in the group


Thankyou. It’s great to be here :slight_smile:

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Wonderful to see you here John!!! :+1:t2:


Hi John! Nice to see you on here! This is a great place to discover fellow artists!


Look forward to meeting lots of new people on the same journey :slight_smile:


Welcome John and wonderful paintings!!! I can relate to your story very well, I also loved art and drawing at a very young age (12 years old) and was discouraged because, I was told many times, “no one makes a living in art”. Glad to see you following your dreams and goals - congratulations, looking forward to seeing more of your artwork and contributions here!


Hi John and thankyou for your kind words. Is only with the passage of time we become aware of the world and what is possible. Is unfortunate we are guided so easily as kids. But I believe with hard work and dedication it is possible to make it in most endeavours. Here’s to pursuing the dream :slight_smile:


Very recognizable with regard to being pushed into a different way! Looking at your work, I see you recovered very nicely and I hope you will manage to finally live your passion :+1:


Thank you Bert. Hopefully the future will bring sales. At the moment putting in lots of time producing pieces. Then when have a good body of work approach a gallery.