Hi, from Calgary

Hi! My name is Tracy, and I’m from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I paint and draw, and operate a small teaching studio in Calgary. I love the language of high realism, and I don’t think one can get any higher than Anthony- I love, and I am humbled and fascinated by your work! I am always trying to improve, and so I am so thankful to be in this forum and I look forward to learning so much more!


Welcome Tracy! It is wonderful to have you join our growing community here. There are many resources to explore and much more on the way. I hope you enjoy diving in!

Looking forward to seeing you in the forums–
Best wishes,


Hi Tracy and welcome! I live in Edmonton and have been doing the LoP (Ani Academies Language of Painting) program for two years now. I’m in the final leg of it now. The journey has been exciting and with its own challenges in delving deeply into the techniques of painting trompe l’oeil/ultra-high realism. It is already paying off as I am now getting requests to show in some wonderful galleries.

Good to have you join in with us!


Thank you Beverly!

Thank you so much, Anthony!!