Howdy y'all!


This is Eric, originally from Texas and now living in New Jersey. I’ve only recently found out about this site and based on the quality of non-member content alone, this looks too good to not be a part of.

Before art, I graduated college with a Biomedical science degree, so I’ve always been more of a science-y guy. Because of that when I came across some of the writings from Mr. Waichulis, I don’t know, things just make a lot of sense. And making sense out of things is enjoyable. So here I am.

Currently I’m two years into my training at an atelier, and I’m looking to expand my horizon and learn about how other people approach their works and tackle their problems.


Welcome Eric. I hope that you’ll find lots to learn from on here. Maybe even to help you with your Atelier work.

Welcome Eric

Hi, nice meeting you! We seem to have a bit of common background, since I studied Biology and Medicine and will start in september at an art-academy. There is a lot of information to dig into!

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Greetings Eric! Welcome aboard my friend. Our little community is growing pretty quick and resources are being added daily. I have a few commissions I need to wrap up and will then continue adding folders of content that are at the ready.

Much on the way!

Hope you enjoy this site and continue to find our resources useful~~~~~

Best wishes!