Hi I am new here

Hi my name is Zoran, I live in Netherlands but originally come from Yugoslavia, I teach art and live in Netherlands for six years now.
here you can see more about my professional history
I saw Anthony’s videos on Vimeo and and some work on FB , then I started reading articles on his website and wanted to join this forum
I studied fine art at Ljubljana University and graduated and finished MA and PhD there
this is my website and social media links
greetings to all from Breda, Netherlands


Hi Zoran,

Welcome to the forum, your work is very beautiful, great to see. There’s an incredible wealth of information to be had here, I’d encourage the use of the search button at the top right to find out about pretty much anything you’re interested in investigating, or start a topic if you want to steer discussion in a certain direction.

I also see from your facebook you also have an interest in camera obscura photography! I’ve experimented with that for a year or so now - my experience is mainly in using ilford direct positive paper and love the otherworldly chiaroscuro style effects it produces. Do you use your obscura photos as references for your painting at all?

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Thanks Martin
Yes I also do quite a bit of photography and some are through home made camera obscura. Somehow I can not decide to paint those as they already look very painterly, who knows maybe in future.

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Very nice work and glad to see you joining us, i’m sure you will find a plethora of amazing information.

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