Hello from Canada!

I found out about this network through @AWaichulis and thought I would check it out. I’ve read several of the topics so far and have been impressed with all of the valuable information.

I am primarily self-taught, but have also been mentored by master artists (Robert Bateman, Steve Mills). I have benefitted from being a member of the International Guild of Realism and noticed there were some fellow members on here (@dianedavichcraig). I occasionally will have a technical question for other realist artists, but am rarely in contact with other realist artists locally, so I thought this would be a good forum to ask some of my questions to those who have been painting much longer than me. While I have been deemed an Associate Living Master by the Art Renewal Center and am happy to offer information on my own technique and artistic practice, I always want to keep learning from other artists and taking in different perspectives.

To give you a brief background about my art, I create hyperrealistic narrative oil paintings on shaped baltic birch panels (www.joshtiessen.com/art). The main theme of my work is the interaction between the natural world and manmade structures, often giving rise to metaphors, which highlight truth, beauty and the longing for ultimate restoration in the world.

Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction and I look forward to interacting with all of you!


Welcome Josh!

We are very fortunate to find you here among our ever-growing community of passionate creatives. Your work is absolutely stunning and I am sure that your expertise will be of great benefit to everyone here. I will be sure to take some time and go through your website thoroughly as what I saw was, again, just spectacular. Please feel free to jump into the resources as you see fit. There is much here and much more on the way!

Look forward to seeing you in the shop-talk trenches!

Best wishes,


Thanks for the warm welcome, Anthony! I appreciate your encouraging comments about my work, which means a lot coming from such an incredible artist like yourself.


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Hi Josh! I’m from Canada too (Edmonton, Alberta). Its nice to meet another Canadian on here, especially when you are already involved in painting in a very similar way. I have been mentored by Anthony in the painting curriculum for the past four years. I’m almost ready to strike out on my own in this style of painting. Its been a fantastic journey of meeting people, being in collaborative art exhibitions, and just hanging out with a fun bunch of people who also are fantadtic artists. Glad you have joined in!

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Thanks for the welcome, Beverly! Great to see another Canadian on here :slight_smile: