Hi where can i buy the formbox

their was a site that used to sell them. composite something but they dont sell it anymore. or a website where i can get the blueprint 3-d printed

Hey Patrick—Sorry for the delay. I was sick for the past 2 weeks but I’m on the mend and back at the helm. LOL! Here’s the link to the plans for the 3D formbox plans on Thingiverse:

Leah recommended 3D hubs for printing. The link is lower on the above linked page but I’ll add it here as well:

Recommended Printing Service (United States):

ok thanks. i hope youre feeling well

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Much better now Patrick! <3

has anyone encountered this issue. the only option was using FDM and 30% infill. im not sure how to fix any errors with this

they want seperate files for each piece. maybe i can contact hubs in the morning

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anyone selling form boxes :smiley:

Hmmmmmm… not sure that I can help with 3D hubs settings. Leah was the expert there. If you can find a standard white Field Hockey ball (which has a 2.75" or 2.8” diameter) for the sphere and a piece of white PVC pipe (3” diameter) cut to about 4” in length you don’t need those printed. I can see if I can find some old test prints of the other forms if you cannot acquire them via printing. Message me and let me know at your leisure.