Homage, Plagiarism, Copying, Fraud, Tribute or Parody?

Homage, Plagiarism, Copying, Fraud, Tribute, or Parody?
You decide…

Copyright is a form of legal protection prohibiting others from copying one’s creative work without permission. A copyright is a property right. Copyright law grants the creator of an original work exclusive rights for its use and distribution.

Plagiarism is an ethical violation resulting from failure to cite sources and engaging in the act of passing someone else’s work or ideas off as one’s own. This applies even if you have only copied a part, rather than the whole, of another’s work.

Homage or hommage is a show or demonstration of respect or dedication to someone or something, sometimes by simple declaration but often by some more oblique reference, artistic or poetic. The term is often used in the arts, for where one author or artist shows respect to another by allusion or imitation

Tribute is a sign of respect or admiration, an award to honor a person’s accomplishments.

Parody an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist, or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect.

What happens when two artists put forward highly “similar” works? Where is the line between fair use and appropriation?


I was expecting a whole write up after these images to help me decide :grin:. Thank you for posting it, more food for thought.

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I asked Anya to intentionally omit the addition of descriptions so as to let the viewer consider these issues with the emphasis on the perceived relationships between the images. There are still more to be added!

No probs, looking forward to more and hopefully some discussion at a later date :grinning:. I hope you or Anya didn’t take it as criticism as it was never meant that way, and thanks for letting me know.

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Not at all Craig—but I do hope that you will never hesitate to offer criticism whenever you see fit here. Insights, suggestions, corrections, etc from my colleagues are always very appreciated!!! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

I’m not so sure I could do that, I’ve spent my life trying very hard not too offend and do anyway, usually digging myself in deeper in the process of trying to dig out (I have no doubt i’m somewhere on the autism spectrum) :joy:, but I will try and keep it in mind.

Oh man—I’d never want you to walk on eggshells for me. I think that for one to really engage in honest, productive inquiry or discourse one always risks offense in some capacity. With that said, I’ve been kicked out of more forums than I can count. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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There’s a lawsuit currently in action against Kat Von D who has tattooed a portrait of Miles Davis onto a client, without the original photographer’s permission. There are various extra considerations - the photographer was already using that image himself and licensing it in a business capacity, Kat Von D posted it on social media to promote her own business, etc. But there are so many gray areas here - and this article touches on a few. A lot of folk with disney characters and famous faces tattooed on limbs probably needn’t worry, yet…

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Your the exception I think. I have learnt over the years that 99% of people that say they want honesty are really saying ‘give me your honesty but only if it matches what I already believe’… and I think too differently to the average person for that too happen :joy:.

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