Artist Round Table Bi-Monthly Zoom Session Follow-Up Newsletter (10-16-2022)

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Welcome to the group - Otto Stürcke!
Otto Stürcke was born in 1971 and grew up in Southern California. Stürcke joined the U.S. Marine Corps in hopes of attaining financial aid to attend an art college. Soon after his military service, Stürcke enrolled in art workshops and courses at several local art associations and colleges while launching his illustration career under the mentorship of Mike Butkus. Working as an illustrator served Stürcke to hone many techniques, and found pastels to be his principal medium of choice. For more on Otto and his work, please follow the LINK.

Anthony’s lecture is this Friday, October 21st. During this week’s session, he mentioned a recent article that he dissected which promoted a position that he will be opposing during the lecture. If you are interested, it can be found here: More AI Nonsense (An exercise for Through the Looking Glass)

Congratulations to Natalie Fetherston on her solo show! The title of the show is High-Quality Fakes and reveals important early career paintings along with an exciting new body of work! The show will be held at Meyer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM. Opening Reception: Friday, October 21st, 5-7 pm. (If anyone from our group is attending, we would love to get some pictures from the show launch!!!)

One of Natalie’s earlier and most ambitious paintings was lost for 17 years and only recently–was found by chance. Check out this awesome article that tells the adventure of this painting, (and if you are in the Santa Fe area, stop by Natalie’s solo show and try out the jacket that is pictured in the painting!!!)

Painter (and resident Photoshop expert) Yana Beylinson will be giving a live painting demo on October 29th at the opening of her solo show at Abend Gallery. For more information and to register for the demo, please follow the LINK.

Big congratulations to Jamie Lindholm as her painting The Interconnectedness of Sunshine and Smiles was juried into the People Are My Favorite exhibition at Anthony’s Antiques and Fine Art Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT. People Are My Favorite is a fine art show combining the Utah and Colorado membership of the Portrait Society of America.

Super exciting news for Debra Keirce!!! She has been invited to be a guest artist in the US Coast Guard Cutter Stone to sail out of North Charleston for a mission at sea! Debra’s job on the ship is to witness the crew, take note of their stories, and convey those in compelling paintings or drawings that will document and share their takes for generations. A civilian with no prior knowledge of coast guard norms would rarely be allowed onboard a working vessel, let alone allowed to wander freely while at sea. We can not wait to see the artwork that Debra creates after her “cruise.” :slight_smile:

Debra Keirce has spread a video of the reveal of a very special commission she took on. The collector sent Debra this beautiful VIDEO of his wife as she opened the painting. It’s a dream he has had for years, even before they were married. He had imagined all of the details: positions of figures, colors, clothing, style of boat, and willow vignette—and commissioned Debra to make it happen!!! Seeing the wife’s reaction–this is why Debra creates art!

This week, in regard to social media promotions, Anthony mentioned that you should know how to determine if an IG account has real or “bought” followers. Here’s an article with some insights on how to do just that: Instahacks: How to tell if someone has fake Instagram followers.

Anthony also discussed the concept of “crispening.” This term describes a psychophysical visual effect in which a perceived color disparity between two stimuli increases or decreases due to the nature of the surround. Here are a few more resources on the topic:

Copy or Coincidence?
This topic has come up before. Here’s one example from Smartermarx: Homage, Plagiarism, Copying, Fraud, Tribute, or Parody?

ALSO—ANOTHER GREAT FIND! Anthony found another amazing read at a local bookstore store this week. (We should offer a trigger warning for this one if you’ve ever attended an art school.) Click the image to get a better look at this amazing page-turner.

In between our bi-weekly Artist Round Table Sessions feel free to come and join the discussions on Smartermarx.

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