I am Chris , a vision scientist from Alabama

I am pursuing a PhD in Vision Sciences at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. To be more precise, I am a molecular biologist who studies inherited neonatal blindness.I will likely finish this degree within the next year or so. Recently, I started painting again after about 7 years of no painting. I am a very casual painter who paints still life in my free time. I mainly uses toy from my childhood as a subject for my work. In the past, I went for a photorealistic approach for my work, but the illusions only held from a distance. I joined this forum to gain some insight on some of the underlying techniques of realistic painting. I have learned a lot so far.


Greetings Chris! It is my pleasure to welcome you to the community. It is great to connect with another creative that has invested much into the study of vision. I am sure that your background will provide you a significant advantage in navigating some of the more dense content. Please do not hesitate to share any questions or comments!

Happy Painting! :smiley: