Introduction Jacob Ramsier

Hello all, I stumbled in from Anthony Waichulis’ site. I’ve tried Reddit for sharing my work and some critique but without much satisfaction so I was pleasantly surprised to find an alternative.

I’m currently located in Northern Virginia where I grew up, but I’ve lived in Savannah, Los Angeles, and Honolulu. I’m practicing drawing and painting naturalism/realism. I’m about 9 months into an attempt to launch a new career as an artist. As for other interests, mainly reading, lately history of 4th Century Greece and the Italian Renaissance and some Gene Wolfe.

Looking forward to exploring the community,


Welcome aboard Jacob! It is nice to find you here among our ever-growing community of dedicated creatives. There is an enormous amount of content to explore here and many folders of additional content/resources on deck to be shared. (I just need more hours in the day! Lol!)

I look forward to learning more about you and your work!

Best wishes,


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You’re not kidding about the content! I definitely fell down the rabbit hole today!

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welcome Jacob!!!