Josh Tiessen | The Making of Occidental Babylon

Thought I would share this time lapse I made last year of one of my largest paintings from my Streams in the Wasteland series:


This is just stunning Josh. It is by far one of the best demonstrations of using both traditional and contemporary means to realize a breathtaking composition. Bravo my friend!

SHOWN: The artist (Josh Tiessen) with the finished piece, Occidental Babylon

I highly encourage all members to give this a watch. You won’t be sorry!


I realized after I posted the link that there was a way to actually post a video, so thanks for sharing this and taking the time to watch it!

I’ve used Photoshop since I was 11 years old and have taught myself (with tutorials) and also taken graphic design college courses, so it was natural for me to implement this into my creative process. I watched an online course by Martin Wittfooth:, which reaffirmed that other artists also use Photoshop in creating their compositions much like concept art or matte painting in the film industry. I have also found James Gurney’s “Color and Light” and “Imaginative Realism” helpful aids in creating believable paintings from multiple references and locations.


Wow- a very ambitious project!! Turned out spectacular, thanks for sharing, Josh; such an amazing piece!!!


Great project!