Josh Tiessen - The Making Of: "Rise Up"

Hope you enjoy my latest time-lapse video creating “Rise Up,” one of my paintings from my solo exhibition, Streams in the Wasteland, at Jonathan LeVine Projects.


Absolutely stunning Josh!!! It’s an incredible piece and I am very grateful that you have shared this here. Just awesome all around.

Thanks, Anthony!

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Wow Josh!!! You just blew my mind on that lace! Fantastic piece Josh!


Thanks, Diane! The lace was definitely the most challenging part, but very rewarding :slight_smile:

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Brilliant work. If you don’t mind, can I ask roughly how many hours that magnificent piece took?


Wow!!! That says it all! Love the frame idea!

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Hello Craig, sorry for not responding earlier. This painting took 662 hours from prep to completion.

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Wow. Thanks for getting back to me.

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