Loves Kaleidoscope oil on dibond

Finished this in July but didn’t have a chance to post this. Story behind the face and figure is a lecture I would do for Brookdale Alumni in which I tell the concept and back story of the painting and one of my tags for several years. So here it goes: sometimes in life a former lover in the past that broke your heart comes back in your present life. You thought you were over them an$ all of a sudden they get u dear your skin and back into your heart…the memories come back. You are now trapped inside the kaleidoscope of love. The blue and pink color scheme is not something I usually go for but I thought it was perfect. The original image I shot had a gray background and I shot it with Generay bi color LED lights. The background is a pattern I have on one of my draperies. I changed it and used a few layers in photoshop. I always change and composite all of my work to make it realism with imaginative. The pattern that moves into her skin and around her body is an integral part of the concept. Patterns of Life come back past to present and vice versa.

I really struggled with this as it is 30”x30” and the color of her dress and lace pattern was way to elaborate and dark. I almost scrapped this and put it aside for a week or so. I reluctantly came back to it. When I focused on my intent, I came up with the background appearing as if it’s behind her and not flat. The idea that I came up with is to float the pattern loosely in front and drop the values as it goes down in space as light would do that…the drop off of the light.

I thought I finally got it to work as it feels like that background is behind her and she is in the middle ground and that bottom neutral foreground does feel In front of her but careful not to over power with chroma and high value contrast.

The last image is the final painting and professional shot.
Here is the process!



Great work Nanci!!! Thank you for sharing the process as well! :heart:

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Absolutely beautiful!

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Thanks so much Irene!!!

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Thx Tony! It was quite a challenge that background! I thought a step through would help anyone with a similar challenge.

Wow, looks great, Nanci- thanks for showing the stages that you went through, very interesting!! (somehow I missed this post)

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