Martin - Pressure Scales (Lights)

Eventually getting my feet wet with these, so far seems much easier than the darks due to the harder pencils, one thing I am noticing though it starting off at the faint end of the scale with a sharp pencil gives a section of close fine lines before the pencil wears to more of a chisel point with greater coverage. You might be able to see this demonstrated in the picture below:-

I mean it doesn’t seem to matter a great deal in the scheme of things - but should I be starting with a pre-worn pencil tip for consistency down the scale, or alternatively rotating the pencil as I go down the scale to preserve a uniform point?


not getting too many chances to work on these at present so I’m stealing a line or so at a time, eventually filled a full sheet though. my widths and lengths are whatever i felt like at the time, i should probably pay more attention to that for consistency sake, but at least my value tapers look generally okay (i think)

random section close up:-
More practice to come as soon as I can, if there’s anything I need to look out for that I’m messing up on this, let me know :slight_smile:


Oh man these are looking GREAT Martin! Great looking tapers up close. Your consistency looks to be getting stronger toward the bottom. Looks like the full scale is right around the corner!!!

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bumpy side done

and a random section up close

I’m pretty happy with these so going to move on. Trying to conserve my paper supply as best I can, don’t know how easy it will be to obtain more for a little while, should hopefully last me through the lockdown :slight_smile:


Definitely “move-on worthy” Martin. Excellent work.