Mobile site

Logged in to the mobile version. It is almost identical to the regular site which is a good and bad thing. I find I rely on the right hand column, at least at this point, to find newly posted threads. At least in the opera mobile, I do not see that column so I have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to find new topics. Would you be open to fine tuning?

I have three bars at top of mine on my mobile that when pressed shows categories and can select new or latest to from there. You not have that?

Hi Elizabeth and John—thanks for bringing this up. We are definitely up for fine tuning! First, let’s see if I understand the issue…

You use the right column more than the categories on the left to make sure that you are seeing the latest posts (I do the same.) Now on my browser I have a drop down on the top left which allows me to choose “latest”. This gives me the right column from the desktop version that we both use often.

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Thanks for the help. That is one problem I have with the newer versions of websites. The little menu icon is so easy so miss. Is there a way to set a preference for a default view?? Just curious.

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Hi Beth! I’m not aware of a way to set that as a personal preference. But you can bookmark the website on your mobile device as to always see the latest posts. Hope this helps. :slight_smile: