Hello Everyone!

I’ve just recently given my website a facelift and would love to hear some honest thoughts and ideas to make it better.

Potential and current collectors are my main focus and I believe that the site’s primary function is to serve as an online business card/portfolio that provides a clean, easy-to-navigate source for viewing selected works, learn a little about me (although I believe that most understand that social media is a better way to get to know the artist), and serve as an easy contact route. I also hope that the design offers an unique look and feel that compliments the paintings without detracting, while still remaining responsive for all device sizes.

Thanks so much!


Hi Slade,

I like almost everything about it. It’s got a very clean and clear feeling to it, and I especially like the color scheme. It has just the right amount of a distinctive look and feel to indicate an interesting artistic personality behind it without making that point in an overbearing way.

The one thing I do not care for is the entry splash page. I’m always slightly turned off by having to do something extra - even just clicking an enter button - to get into somebody’s website. It feels like an unnecessary and slightly counterproductive barrier to guests and visitors. Attention is a precious commodity, so why discourage it even in minute ways? Just my $0.02.

Great job overall.

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Thank you so much Jeffrey!

I have to generally agree with you about splash pages. I was hoping that the splash page would establish a mood before entering the gallery section and help the visitor realize that it isn’t another social media or storefront website. Now that I think about it, the only splash pages that I like tend to be more creative and impactful, so if I’m going to continue to have one, I should probably work on concept - or ditch it. Thanks for bringing it to mind!


You bet Slade!

The splash page you have now definitely did set a distinct mood which I noticed immediately and appreciated - the clockwork motif is very cool and will set the thoughtful types to thinking. If I were my site, and I was going to keep it, I’d probably look for ways to introduce some of my own work into the design just to reinforce what the page is all about, but again, your mileage may vary.

I enjoyed looking at your site.

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very nice website. Clear and easy to navigate. Absolutely beautiful work, a real thrill to look through!!

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Thank you so much Tracy!