Mujrapradama Mudra and the 3rd Eye on copper and review

Hi all,

I just signed my little 12"x12" painting and have not posted on social media yet. I submitted to Dacia and may use this one for the Outwin Boochever Portrait submission. Not sure.

I was having problems photographing this but finally took it on the back side of my house in the shade with a dark wood fence behind it away from sun. This helped out tremendously.

My experience with Artefex Copper Panels Textured is that it is a very dry surface and hard to get the paint to spread unless you use oleo gel or walnut oil. Liquid did not work for this. I paint thin to medium to start and I know most of you paint in layers thin, so this surface may not be good for you. I am going to try the natural and that is smoother and the paint spreads easier as per Ann Moeller Stevenson, the founder of Venus Copper panels now being produced by Natural Pigments. The other thing is you have to really blend the edges as the transitions can be sharp because of the dry surface. I think if you paint like anthony’s technique where you tap the paint, it may work but not with liquin.
The upside of painting on this copper is you can get great textural effects and a loose edge if you like. I used to like very sharp edges and tight, but seek a looser approach…although I may change my mind again after seeing some of Kevin Moore;s work, Terese Rogers, and Anthony’s of course:))))
I would love to go to Anthony’s to scan this and see what the difference is.

Here is my photo unvarnished of the complete piece. Please see my other post of how The original shot process works, then a photoshop comp, and the block in start. If you have other questions as to how the layering and medium progressed, please leave a comment and I will answer them:))))



Beautiful Nanci. I especially like the patterns integrating into the model.

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Thanks so much Diane! It is a new series based on inside out outside in of spiritual mudras and mandala. You become:-)