WIP of Bobemuan Rhapsody

It’s half there. Have one layer on hands, dead roses, and background. Have to be done by Monday!! The dress was started with a simple middle tone of raw Sienna, ultra marine blue, cinnebar grn med and transparent oxide red. In the shadows are dioxadine purple and transparent oxide red… some antica grn earth by natural pigments and their lead white. I then went in with Velazquez medium to make it ropy to get that texture look. It’s only 2 layers and took me 3 days to paint it. No drawing done of pattern. I used shape replication to figure out where things would follow into each other. The workshop I did with you Tony really has me going full force into focused deliberate practice as my work is going to get a whole lot more complicated:-)


Wonderful Nanci!!! Thank you so much for sharing your efforts here. :smiley:

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I’m trying to put in time and be helpful here when I can:slight_smile:

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