New Member Greetings

Hello everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:

My name is Rachel Miller. I’m from Cleveland (USA) and currently working in the Dominican Republic. My husband Maxwell is an ÀNI Waichulis graduate and the dean of ÀNI Dominicana. For the last 6 years or so I’ve worked part-time as the arts administrator for his business, developing budgets, coordinating events, negotiating sales, etc. Since relocating earlier this year, I’m very excited to be filling this role full-time now! :tada: I joined Smartermarx because I still have a lot to learn about successfully navigating the art market and I know this will be a great resource for me.

I’m glad to be connected with all of you! See you around the forums. :sunglasses: :+1:


So happy to see you here Rachel! I know that you’re invaluable to Max (and a brilliant administrator) but I’ve come to see that you have a strong “creative side.” I look forward to seeing your contributions in the trenches here. Lol!

Welcome aboard!!!


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It’s so nice to “meet” you Rachel! I met Maxwell at the Diagnostic Painters workshop at Ani Waichullis in May, and have been following g your adventures on social media. How exciting for you both! I am here in Northern VA. I’ve never been to the Dominican Republic or Haiti or Sri Lanka either.

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