Hello Everyone

I just bought both programs, drawing and painting. I am excited to commit myself to all this and improve. I am not like many of you here; really amazing artist. Currently, I am living in Knoxville, TN. USA. and I tattoo for a living. I am really excited to hopefully make a contribution to this group. Thank you all.


Hey Hanz!!!

Welcome to the group! I am very much looking forward to following your progress here. Don’t hesitate to post all the progress shots you like as well as questions. In addition to all of the high-skilled and knowledgeable people here, there are many useful resources to really amplify your development.

Enjoy my friend!


Can’t wait to see what you do. I’m sure tattooing will give you a good based to start from, at least we know you can hold a brush or pencil steady… unlike me :joy:.

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I’m sure your tattoo background will be a real asset. It’ll be interesting to see what you’re into stylistically. Look forward to seeing your work and progress through LoD/LoP!


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