"O is for Origami" 12x16"

Hi everyone, happy Monday! This is my newest one. It’s pastel on Pastelmat. It’s done with Derwent, Carbothello, Pitt, Gioconda, Talens pastel pencils, and Unison and Richeson handmade soft pastel sticks. I hope you enjoy it. Stay creative and healthy!


I really dig these newest works Irene. They are incredibly playful (a subject matter that I really enjoy!) :heart: Bravo!


Thank you Anthony! :relaxed: It’s such fun making these. The most difficult part is to make the oriamis, lol!

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Love it- well done!!!

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Thank you!! I am glad you like it.

Bringing paper animals to life :grin:, awesome work.

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Thanks so much Craig for your time to like and comment! I am glad you like it.