Birds and Marbles, 12x9", pastel on Pastelmat

I have used pastel pencils Carbothello, Derwent, Conte, Gioconda, and Unison, Richeson handmade, Rembrandt soft pastels. Support Pastelmat. I hope you like it. Stay safe and creative.


Oooo. Looks lovely!

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Thanks so much John!! Making fun paintings to lift my spirits these days… Stay safe!

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Crazy time, eh?


Awesomeness! Looking fantastic as always Irene. This definitely puts a smile on my face. If I may ask–how long have you been using Pastelmat? A few of my artists just recently started using it and they seem to really like it.

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And I hope I am wrong but I think the worst is yet to come… I feel volnurable cause I am 55 with two autoimmune disseases. I really hope I survive this LOL! :grimacing: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thank you Anthony! This is my goal, to make people smile these crazy times. I use Pastelmat a couple of years at least. Works for me. :blush: Stay safe my dear friend.

I hope so too! I wish you the best. My parents are vulnerable too.

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Mine too, old with lot’s of medical issues. Wishing you the best too. Let’s stay creative and possitive and hope for the best. Still it’s heartbreaking what we are witnessing.

Wow fantastic!!!

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Thank you so much Diane! Stay safe :heart: