Plein air and sketches to introduce myself

Hello everyone. New here. Not sure what the format is for a “meet & greet” post. I figured I’d share a few pieces to best explain where I’m coming from. Please enjoy these Plein air pieces and a few sketchbook drawings. As for myself, I am a painter, muralist and educator. I work mostly with junior high and high school kids. I also work in several public/community art capacities including efforts to increase funding for arts in public school. My bread and butter outside of education work is murals and pubic art, however I will be actively looking to share more paintings with the world in the near future. Thank you.


Welcome aboard Jerarde!

It is wonderful to find you among our ever growing community. Thank you so much for taking the time to share a little bit about yourself and your work. While all of your works here are very impressive—your plein air hillside is just stunning. I know that many will be excited to see your efforts here. Please keep sharing as you see fit and enjoy all of the resources that you find at your disposal (and know that there is much more on the way!)

Happy Painting!!!

Thank you for the kind words. The Plein air piece you mentioned is my favorite of this summer, and it was because I was firing on all cylinders that day. Several fellow painters/friends said that piece felt like I finally got the rust off… Although I have been painting for over 20 years, I took a 2 year hiatus from painting to focus consulting/education administration work and just “life” getting the best of me. Although my desire to paint comes from within and some spiritual plane, my ability to paint is purely vocational and practice. This year I painting more in 10 months than I had the previous 3 years. It’s like going to the gym, you need to maintain those mental painting muscles as well has the physical hand eye coordination.

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You said it!!! Again, all of the pieces you shared are quite attractive but that one piece just sings. Bravo my friend!

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I like your pieces very much, thanks for sharing!!

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that top plein air is indeed fantastic, i’m going to have to give that a try at some point, how long roughly do you spend on them? the sketch with the highlight on the nose is also very cool.

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My apologies for the late reply. I spend roughly 2.5 to 4 hours on my plein air pieces depending on sooo many outdoor variables and my schedule. The sketchbook portraits are about 1-2 hours.