Rain Check

Here is the painting that I started in the workshop. I am still picking at the tickets, and have to address the top where the branch is, you can see a big dry spot.
I did the composition as I painted, as I was drawn to the bat and knew I would build it around that along with the ball and tickets. I balanced out the background with the old poster, and below I put wood grain and two flies- one representing baseball, as Laurie S. suggested “fly ball”, and the other one for my composing “on the fly”. The tickets that Anthony printed out for me just happened to be from a rain check game from 1979, and so my homage to that era is the gum under the counter.
So the piece is a play on the game, the bat just waiting for the weather to clear so that they can ‘play ball’ once again.
Any suggestions? I’m slowly getting the tickets in, but I have to go and sand down a couple of areas and redo, as I’m not happy with them yet.
Thanks so much for looking!


Great stuff Tracy! The tickets are really well done as the angle at which they are facing the viewer is a difficult one to get right.

But are you seriously going to sand down some part of the painting? I thought that was just a very final measure if something had gone really wrong.

Thanks Thomas!
Yes, I’m not happy with the lettering on the tickets, so I’m carefully sanding some of the lettering off to redo. The lettering is not cooperating yet.

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Wow, very impressive work, looks great. Sounds like a big risk sanding them down, looks great as is (to me).


Tracy, You have done a fabulous job! I love the tickets and gum additions. I will say from here I don’t see anything to not like. The flies have that nice glint on their wings and the color or the laces is gorgeous ! Great painting!

Thank you, Craig! I just sand very lightly to remove the ridges that impede the brushwork. It’s not as bad as it sounds :grin:

Thank you so much, sweet Diane- it means so much coming from you!
I’m so fortunate have had the opportunity to meet some of you in person and to see your incredible works; I’m so humbled!! I just can’t thank Anthony enough for this forum and for creating this community for encouragement and feedback- it’s full of professional artists who’s works are mind blowing!!!
Thanks for looking at my painting, and taking the time to comment- I so appreciate it!! Can’t wait to see your dog painting😁

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