Shape Repetition at work using photoshop

Hi, at work, i have sometime 20 mn between two call, and i can’t draw on paper, so i decided to install photoshop and do shape rep it using it, do you think i trai my eyes in the same way.
i recorded this short video of how i do it.
SH.wmv - Google Drive i check results with grid

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At best it will give you an indication of how accurately you judge spatial relationships and angles… but using a mouse (or even a stylus) is really different and not going to help your pressure control or manual dexterity with a pencil.

Great dedication though, if you can’t use paper at work - you might simply be better revising some online articles/tutorials; on smartermarx for example :slight_smile: if you have internet access, or reading any art books you have for those 20 minutes and getting some easel time in after work. Or perhaps on your break you could take a walk outside with a sketchbook? Will post back if I have any other ideas.