The Vlog of Maxwell G Miller (Ani Academy Waichulis)

I came across this super video diary chronicling the progress of one Maxwell G Miller as he begins his apprenticeship in January 2020 at the Ani Academy Waichulis. It gives us long distance folk a great glimpse of the progression and practice involved within the full time structured environment of the academy (covid not withstanding).

It is incredibly motivating to me for two reasons:-

  1. You can see how much work and time is involved getting these exercises right.

  2. He’s already producing some amazing work, like…

    How cool is that drawing, right?!

Very Inspiring, and a right kick in the pants for me; who is a fraction of the distance through LoD and taking ten times as long about it. Well worth keeping an eye on his vlog for future updates and no doubt more amazing art.


Thanks for the link - now subscribed!


Max is performing quite well in the studio. I think that the program might have been a bit more challenging in the beginning than he was initially suspecting–but he adapted admirably. He’s definitely an artist to watch.


Very inspiring!

It seems like Maxwell started at a fairly high skill level, and he also mentioned working 250 hours in a month which might be more than normal.

Are those the likely reasons for his faster than average progress through the program?

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Yes-Max is a VERY diligent student–probably one of the most diligent I have ever had. He does on occasion get moving a tad too fast (which I would indeed argue tends to significantly diminish the developmental returns.) However, as soon as I address it, he is quick to recalibrate his speed. Overall though he is indeed exceptional.

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