Three Genres, 14x18 inches, oil on panel

On this painting I wanted to paint a landscape, a self portrait, and a still life (three genres)
on the same painting. The colors on the palette are the colors I used for this painting; flake white, lead tin yellow, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, viridian, ultramarine blue, burnt umber, and Van Dyck brown(gamblin)


Hey Jose!

Great to see more work from you. I’ve never tried Van ■■■■ brown. Can I ask what you find yourself using it for most often? (if applicable). Thanks and great work my friend.


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Thank you, Anthony! The Van Dyck color I use is from Gamblin and it´s just a combination of bone black and maybe burnt sienna…which when you blend this color with white will produce a neutral gray instead of a bluish gray that you might get with regular black. I also have a big 150ml tube!!! :smiley:

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