The finished Colors of Song

Hi all,

I thought i would post the finished piece of Colors of Song.
I made deadline for Abend so hope it makes it in their Holiday Show.
I used xtra long comber synthetics by Rosemary&co. They gave me scratchy marks for music sheet lines and notes. I wanted a distressed no so sharp look to my background so I worked dry brush technique. For the hair, 00 ivory rounds. The hardest thing was painting the features on a 10”x8”… the head was just under 3”!!! This is the pro shot. It is painted on alumacomp and not sure about their panels. I have tried them 4x. I like white dibond better!


Wonderful Nanci! I do love how you handled the outfit. Very well done.

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Thx so much Tony. I wasn’t sure about leaving it loose and almost rightened it up, but decided not to after asking Diane, Laurie, and Deb in a group text:) good practice for the big one!

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This looks terrific, Nanci. I especially like the crochet work, I can see that it is sparkly. And the hair! Tons of work there.


Thx Deb. The bigger one is harder as small gets away with more. The big one has to look right in terms of how it wraps around figure with cable knit. Yikes. Tony gave me a great suggestion…paint daubs in photoshop. I cant pull up those filters that used to be standard anymore. They now want you to buy them!

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