"Cat Drivin' a Fish"

Ok. so I’ve only got about 8 or 9 total years of painting. After my first 4 years of muddling around figuring out how to oil paint, I stopped for around 7 (partly due to frustration). When I restarted I decided I wanted to try small realistic paintings. Figured I’d just use my current knowledge and common sense. This was the very first piece I did which was 5 years ago now I believe. It’s a little 6"x6" oil on panel of a super cool little ceramic salt & pepper shaker that my wife has had for many years before we met. I was quite pleased with the result and vowed not to stop painting for that long ever again.

I’d love to see more folks posting their stuff as I’m really enjoying getting to know everyone here.

Cheers, Mark McD


Ha! Awesome Mark! I agree, I think more people need to share their work here. There are some tremendous artists on the site. I think they just may need a little coaxing. LOL!


At first I thought this was a photo. Very charming! Hard to believe you were displeased with your craft. This is nicely executed.


Sweet! Love this painting Mark!

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Thanks Debra! :slight_smile:

Awesome, Mark!!! Very sweet (and realistic)!!!:heart:

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Thanks @tracy1400858 ! :slight_smile: