Drawing-Pastel-Still Life-"All Above Board" 8.5x8.5

Hi everyone, here’s a tiny still life. It took ages to start painting again. It feels like I have forgotten how. I needed this time off to mourne my dad’s passing away. Never thought it would be so difficult to recover from this. After all this is the natural order. Anyway, I still have hard time but trying to move on. So, I hope you like it. I am not sure about the title though, if you have any suggestion it will be much appreciated. I pushed myself to start drawing again so any critique is much appreciated. Wishing you all to have a creative day!

For this drawing I have used Carbothello, Gioconda and Derwent pastel pencils. Support Pastelmat.

PS. I am not sure about the colors in the photo. It looks different on my laptop, different on my desktop and different on my phone. I tryied to be accurate but…


This is STUNNING Irene! Again I am so sorry to learn of your father’s passing. I am thrilled though that you have returned to the easel as your works are a real treasure.

Best wishes!


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Thank you kindly my dear friend for taking the time to comment and for your kind words. Have a wonderful day!

Warm regards,

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Awesome! Having the strength to start getting on with life after a real tough break is the hardest thing. I’m so glad you’re picking up the pencils again, even if you weren’t feeling too hot about it, you’ve done it now, the die is cast, keep it rolling - which brings me to your still life, stunning, in particular I love the oxidisation on the little pewter top hat, it looks absolutely perfect.

My suggestion for a clever title would be ‘All Above Board’ - get it?

Anyway, I am thrilled to see you back in action after such a tragically sad time, much love and support!


Thank you so much Martin for your kind words. I love the title. So appreciate your suggestion. I will use it right awayl :heart_eyes: Sometimes is hard to find a title and others is coming easy. Have a lovely day!

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Great piece!!

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Thank you for your wonderful comment! Much appreciated.

Love it- love the composition!!:+1:

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Thanks so much Tracy!!