Hello from Japan

Hello everybody, greetings from the outskirts of Tokyo!

My primary aim this year is to be a better painter than I was last year. Eventually, I intend to be good enough to be able to paint whatever I want in whatever way I choose.

I’m trying to do a couple of hours of LoP a morning, four or five times a week, and some landscape studies as time allows; my basic plan is to complete disc one of LoP sometime in the first half of this year.

All the best!



Welcome Si!!! It is very nice to see you in our growing community. I hope that you will find our resources invaluable and our community both responsive and supportive. Please do not hesitate to share ANY questions as the efforts of any one of us to better understating the art experience eventually helps us all!

Best wishes!!!


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It’s great to have you on here, Sib! Looking forward to seeing your progress. :relaxed:

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