Hello from Alaska (Soon to be Oregon)

Good evening everybody. My name is Jason and I’m looking forward to learning as much as I can from this community. Currently, my family and I reside in southeast Alaska but we are headed to the Oregon coast in a few weeks for work. I haven’t much drawing experience aside from doodling in my teens, but it has always been a desire of mine to truly learn how. My Grandfather was an oil painter of landscapes and still life. When he passed away recently I inherited some of his paintings and it has sparked a renewed interest in developing my drawing (and perhaps someday painting) ability. Other hobbies include woodworking, reading, and playing with the kids. See you all around!



Greeting Jason! I am very happy to be the first one welcoming you to our community here. There are many resources and materials here for you to browse and a continually growing community of highly skilled and helpful creatives. There is also much more content on the way so stay tuned!

Look forward to seeing you on the boards!


Welcome Jason,

Is a great community with interesting discussions and lots of resources to aid your development. Look forward to seeing your pieces and progress.


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Welcome! I’m from Kodiak originally. So you’re in good company!

Do you have a plan for how you’d like to proceed with your drawing practice?


Thank you all for the warm welcome.

Sha - I have visited Kodiak only once, but I hope to get a chance to go back. Most of my time in Alaska has been spent in Sitka. To answer your question, I recently purchased the LoD curriculum and plan to use it as my initial source of instruction.

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Jason—please feel free to post any of your exercises in the Language of Drawing section here if you would like feedback (from either myself or any number of our artists along your journey.) Some have asked if they should post exercises in the critique section but it would probably be more helpful for those invested in the LoD to find examples in the LoD section. We are always at your service. :smiley:

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Most excellent! (both Sitka and LoD). I look forward to watching your progress. You’ll see in the LoD section that I’m not too far ahead of you at all. :slight_smile:

Not sure if you’ll find it useful, but at the same time I began the LoD program I began using Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. I found some days I profited from a change of pace; DRSB proved, for me, an excellent compliment.

Happy Thursday!

I was actually going to ask if it would be best to post exercise progress on this forum or on the LoD facebook page?

My curriculum is not actually arriving for another week during which we will be in the process of moving to Astoria. By the time I actually start posting my progress you may be quite a bit further along than I :wink:

Thank you for the book recommendation. I have actually been using the workbook version for the last couple of months and found it very helpful. However, I am looking forward to beginning some more directed drilling.

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Wherever you feel more comfortable Jason. The plus here is that images do not face the same aggressive compression that they face on Facebook. Looking forward to seeing your progress. :smiley: