Summer Landscapes

I have not been sharing much work here. In fact, I keep forgetting about this service/account and when I find myself back here I am always getting lost in the great comments and articles and resources that I forget to comment or share my own work. I will try to participate in the community more. In the meantime, here is a plein air piece from this summer out in Bodega Bay Ca and another from Santa Cruz. Although the SC piece is not 100% Plein Air for you purist, its more like 80/20 with 20% in the studio. I don’t see a lot of plein air painting in this community so I feel a little out of place haha.


wow these are superb. very inspiring, i’m going to have to try some plein air as soon as opportunity allows.


Hi Jerarde! Great works indeed! As Martin stated, these are very inspiring. I would like to find time to engage in more plein air work (especially now as Autumn is in full swing here) but I am almost always stuck in the studio. I am very grateful to have someone like you sharing such works here. :heart:


Very beautiful! I am from California, and could tell right away that these scenes were of the CA coast.

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