Rick Mercer Introduction

Just signed up and wanted to introduce myself. I’m a part-time painter due to the fact that I’m working 3 other jobs and trying to put 2 kids through college. I’m mostly self taught but I did get into realism by studying with Stuart Dunkle and I try to take painting workshops as much as I can. I really wish there was an Ani Art Academy when I was just getting out of high school.

Most of my painting gets done on Saturday and Sunday mornings. During the week I have to wake up early or stay up late if I want to get anything done. I’ve been painting in oils for about 6 years and I’ve been taking it seriously for about 3 years and by seriously I mean that I want to paint quality paintings for sale, gain collectors, enter competitions, exhibit and teach classes. My ultimate goal is to only have 1 job and paint the rest of the time.


Greetings Richard!

Welcome aboard my friend. This forum/archive is our entire collection of art-ed resources. If you are studying it, I am sure we have something of interest for you in regards to it. LOL! Please do not hesitate to reach out for any help along the way. There is a wonderful community here that is always quick to help!

Best wishes,