"Precious Memories" Pastel on Pastelmat, 8x11"

Happy Holidays everyone!! Wishing you all the best!


Oh my goodness! How beautiful Irene~~~I love when people share intricate work here as this site doesn’t add all of the harsh compression found with other social media sites. Thank you so much!!!

Again…beautiful work. :heart:

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Thrilled to hear such wonderful comment specially coming from you. I am always nervous posting here where I am constantly in awe seeing amazing work from such talented artists. Thank you so much Anthony for accepting me here.


Well Irene I think that it’s high-time that you realize that your work is just as impressive as anything else here. Keep sharing!!! We love it!


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Really great Irene!

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Great work- the money looks like the metal it’s made from!!

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Thank you so much Nanci!!


I am glad you like it Tracy!!

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