Queen of Hearts (temp title)

Next piece has begun. Decided to start with a rough acrylic underpainting to get lots of note info in place (which will paint over in oils later). Then knocked it back with a layer of white.

Next I will do oil layer of the note colour and card colour over each and tie it in with a black background. Once dry I will begin the details in oil.


Card and note colour done in oils. Very similar that the camera seems to think the same in this photo but they are not I assure you.

Put in some tone on the masking tape which will knock back later in places on next layer.


I like it so far John:smile:

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Blackboard next Queen and hopefully card done before next Skype session :slight_smile:


And this is where I got to this weekend pick it up again next weekend. Good to be back painting :slight_smile:


Looking great John!!! ;-D

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Thank you. Looking forward to more this weekend and the Halloween Skype session :ghost:

Looking really good John!!!

Thankyou Nanci :heart: