WIP Block in of Keys of Soul, singer JaQuitaMay

Hi all,

I finally blocked in this 44”x18” painting and got to only finish hair so far. The forehead is done but everything else is a start layer.
The challenge: her tunic is cable crochet is bits of color.
I decided to block in the cool color of it and will follow Tony’s advice to paint daub the colors keeping it simplified. The background in the end will be blurred out so it feels line a time tunnel that was a music sheet I twirled and made oval and then put colors![image|20
and effects in photoshop.

Here is my photoshoot, the photoshop reference which is a bit dark, and my block in. Her eye on our right is sleepy so i opened it up.

I am using Rosemary ivory flats and filberts, xtra long eclipse combers, series 99 red pointed sables( my favs) and Chelsea Classical Studio lean and fat medium. Reference uploaded to bottom and the side by side is how i work… sight sized!

image image


Wow- great block in, Nanci!! (Sorry, just saw this)


Thx Tracy!!!