Tunnel Vision

First time posting here, but “coaxed” to do so by @MarkMcD ’s beautiful art. This is a painting I did of a moment in a little town in the Perigord region of France. People who know me, know that it makes me smile just to type that sentence.

It’s a painting where I challenged myself to capture the reality of a feeling, vs. the visual reality. Hopefully both come through in the rendering.


Yay Debra! Love how the composition draws you in (or paints you in! :rofl:).

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Thanks so much Mark!

What a beautiful piece Debra!!! It’s an amazingly inviting composition—not only due to the dynamic perspective—but the great warmth throughout. Bravo!!!

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Thanks so much!

Nice- love the light at the end of the tunnel!!:heart::boom:

Thanks so much for your kind words Tracy!