Two small still lifes

Hi everyone, Happy Easter!

Lately I finished two small ones after a big break to mourn my dad’s passing away. He passed last March. This last year was really hard for me. Anyway, my mom decided to join him in heaven, exactly one year after his passing away. She passed on March 8. There are no words to describe how I feel and I really need time to recover from this. I am trying to cope but my emotion overcomes logic. All I have to say is cherish every single moment with your parents.

‘Joyful Cruise with Luke’, 8x8.5"

‘Wanna Play’, pastel, 7x11”


Happy Easter Irene! Gorgeous work as usual. I absolutely love the cowboy. As always I am elated to see you sharing your efforts here. Thank you! <3 <3 <3

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Love these. Love your style and the subject matter and color scheme you’ve chosen over many pieces of work. Really fun and colorful!


Thank you Anthony for your kind comment! :relaxed:

Thank you Alexandra! I am glad you enjoy my little tales of happiness. We live in difficult times and our memories of the innocence of childhood will always be here to soothe our worries.

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Love these!!! So many cool things and all done so beautifully.


Thank you for your lovely comment! Much appreciated :heart:

Loving your representation of the wooden block in “Joyful cruise with Luke”

:baseball: :dash::boom: Understood the assignment.


Thank you so much Orlando for your lovely comment!