Baby Crayons, 5 x 7", oil on panel

On this painting I wanted to recreate how a child would draw…so for reference and inspiration I started looking up for children´s crayon drawings images. I decided to paint the crayon drawing from memory. The baby crayons are from the 1930´s-I bought it on ebay-…they´re very old but I found them an interesting subject to paint because of its age and design.


I love this Jose! The juxtaposition of the illustration and crayon drawing against the realism of the objects is stellar. I end up spending quite a bit of time on crayon textures so I can really appreciate the accomplishment here. Bravo my friend!


Thank you, “Maestro” Anthony! I feel honored to know you´ve loved this piece! I´ve been trying to challenge myself painting small hignly detailed paintings like this…it´s been quite an accomplishment to me to be able to have captured all those tiny details! :slight_smile:

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