Intrepid edge control beginners, join me on this bootcamp journey to the dark side

I am an educator and intuitive painter (of the Anthony eye roll variety) devoted to improving my technical skills. I’m looking forward to the challenge of thousands of hours of grueling exercises with fiercely honest review. I thank you all in advance for your support as I travel through this training (hopefully fearlessly). I’m willing to host a support group of the intimidated beginners if anyone wants to reach out. We can do this!


LOL! Oh come on–I don’t throw out those eye rolls THAT easily.

We are all here for you Cyndi. Anything you need along the way, even if it is just a vehicle to vent. We got yer back! :smiley:

It’s astounding to see the success of the many academies you are supporting around the world. This learning program gives me hope that I can reach my technical control goals too …so keep rolling those eyes!


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